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Sunday, 21 October 2007

My Personal Hero

While I was chatting at my friend Jeny on the phone, Stephanie was dancing on the rhythm of her favorite music, she's dancing around in circles. Eric is sleeping in his bassinet. So we talk tok tok tok..then when I turned around to check on my Stephie, she was already sleeping on the floor . I feel bad because it happened twice already, last night when I checked on her in her bedroom , she was also sleeping on the floor. She's sleeping soundly. I'm just watching her asleep of course after I pick her up and put her in the bed. Stephanie is 2 years old now, she has done a lot of things independently and just surprised me a lot of times. When I look at my daughter I'm glad I didn't give up on life amidst all the hardships that I've been through in my past.

But how could I give up when I'm sorrounded by people who truly cares for me: my family, my relatives, and friends? That's why until now I'm still surviving and I will surely survived.

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