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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Avoiding Conflict

One of New Year's wish last January was to avoid conflict or any kinds of fights whatsoever. Hey I'm not a trouble maker but sometimes it just happened. Last year somebody got mad at me for some reason which I really think it's not fair. It just make me feel so bad. But now we're okay.
But now I thought that the year will be over peacefully. But oh my oh my. I got into a nasty fight over the phone when there's this individual calling me at 10 pm, and just asking me why I hate her. I don't have a clue. Well she didn't even know what she's doin because apparently she was drunk. Ay oi of all the people why me?Why it has to be me? So now I don't like her anymore. Idon't like talking to her and don't even wanna see her because she ruin my goal for this year. A quarrel-free year. I know I'm being idealistic about it. But wala lang trip ko lang. Well, about that human being she feel bad about it, saying it shouldn't happen, well duh, it shouldn't happen. Just because she's drunk she have an excuse to harass me over the phone.Not because she's miserable she wants other people to be miserable too. So now, she can't come over anymore in my house. And I think it works best for me because I don't have to put up with her mouth that keeps on talking a lot of garbage.

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