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Saturday, 11 August 2007

While Hubby's Gone

Hubby's job is very demanding. He's out of town most the time., sometimes 1 week, 2 weeks and if unlucky one month. He can be assigned anywhere in the USA. Even in Australia. I don't have a choice, that's part of his job being a firefighter.I'm proud of his job actually. I think it's very noble. Firefighters don't just rescue the wildland, properties but also lives, even risking their own lives.


it's 4:50 in the afternoon, both of my kids are sleeping. I'm so sleepy but I'm expecting a visitor any minute, so I'll just wait.

Our days without him is boring. Every evening my daughter ask over and over again " Where's Daddy?What happen?", "Daddy's workin, there's a fire they need daddy". "What's that" over and over. If he's here, I'm excited to cook and prepare a good dinner. When he appreciate it, that's very rewarding for me. After dinner, we watch tv together. most of the time, watching the ABS CBN shows.

I'm just counting the days till he's 18 days assignment is over. When he's back, he makes up the time that he miss. We go out with the kids and just have fun. I'm excited because Eric is almost 2 months old, and he's starting to look like he's dad.

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