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Saturday, 18 August 2007

I Could Have

I'm Sad
Hubby's far away, assigned in South California for 2 weeks .
somebody decided to spend a couple of days in the house
because she decided to leave her boyfriend
can't say no
need to help her she's a family
on the first stay of her stay
she invited some friend, they're noisy, drink all my hubby's beer, basically rummage my fridge
That's fine
she's in despair need to understand her

Everyday of her stay
feel like I'm living in hell
her kids messy and don't took care of my kids toys
so noisy, always crying
well, need to be understand

But one day
got home from the store
found her 16 year old friends in my room
using my pc
that's it I got mad
she said they're just kids
don't know what they're doin
16 year old kids, kids?
okay fine, they're not adults
but still respect is a common sense

she's out of her mind
don't know what she's saying
I don't wanna argue
'coz my time will just be wasted
i believe
anybody who don't have a common sense
is not worth keepin

maybe she sensed
that i'm not happy with their presense
decided to find some place to rent

I'm glad their gone
finally have my peace of mind.
Hubby said I should told them what I felt
the very first time
'coz it's not fair for me
to suffer for a long time.

Hubby said that's gonna be the last time
they're not welcome anymore for our own peace of mind.

I could have
set my rules
told her what I don't like
etc etc etc.

anyways it's over..need to go to's nite nite time..

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