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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Dealing With Finances

Since I reunited with my hubby here in the states, he gave me the responsibility to handle the money matters from paying bills, taking care of the savings, checks etc. It wasn't that hard since I'm used to budgeting money anyway. My parents taught me how to be careful in handling money. I guess I didn't fail him yet since I heard no complains... yet. Well I tried my very best. Besides I'm just a fulltime housewife so I'll better be good at it.

One of my headaches anyway is when I deal with medical bills, espeacilly with my recent childbirth. No kidding, our bills were almost $15,000 and our insurance company denied sucks..but I've been dealing with this problem since I got our bill, there's now way we'll be paying this without taking some actions. I would take any chances even it's only 1% that's left. I've been calling the Blue Cross Customer department for like 3 times already disputing about this bill, why not? Before I made doctor appointments I make sure that everything is covered, so I made calls, tons, tons of call to make sure I won't be dealing with the same problem I had with my first childbirth which we end paying most of the bills.
It's a long story on how and why did this happen. The lesson is make sure that you know your insurance and it's coverage l,the limitations and how much is the deductibles etc etc.. Well, with our insurance we don't have a deductible.

On my fourth call with the BlueCross, with all my explanation and everything, the guy said that he don't see any reason why my claims are denied, it should be approved right from the start. So he ask me to give them 30 days to make some adjustments. It's a great relief for me. But still, I'm not celebrating yet until I got a reply from them thru mail and then show it to the hospital. I'm still keeping my fingers cross for that.

I'm always been so careful in money matters. I want that it is spent where it's should be..And also what's the used of paying health insurance monthly when you can't used it all. So I think it's my right to complain.

I hope everything will turn out favorable for me because $15,000 or less is something, it's a big amount of money for me already especially if I put it into my kids savings account.

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