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Friday, 17 January 2014

Altar Server

      St. Joseph, parish council in Crescent City, is inviting their Sunday School pupil to join to the altar server. They will train young boys and girls to serve during Holy Mass on Sunday and Holy days.

     Stephanie my daughter, is one of the member of the Sunday school class. She is the one nominated by her teacher to join in the altar server. I encourage her to join, so that she will be acquainted about the church activities, and to learn about the moral aspect about the church teaching and policies.

      At the beginning, she was somewhat reluctant to accept the offer. Time to time , I'm trying to convince her. I gave and offered her the things she like. One time I brought her to a dinner place and served her with her favorite dish. With our conversation, I found out that there was something that made her in secured. I guess, it was her too long hair, so I invited her to a beauty parlor, for a hair style, thanks that after the hair style was done, she volunteered, that she is willing to join the altar server. She is the youngest among the member.


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