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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Personality Squares

                 Personality squares activity is an activity where I was able to discover the exact definition of myself and how I want myself to be. In the first step of the activity, at first I was in denial of putting those negative descriptions to the “most like me”, but I have to accept that to be able to be able to improve myself. In the 2nd step of the activity, it’s more fun because it allows me to express how I want myself to be.

                Base on the result in Step 3, the characters that I have to work on changing are, 1. I am not accomplishing, 2. I feel adequate 3. I feel insecure of myself and 4. I am contented. I realized that because of my insecurities of myself and thinking I am accomplishing I tend to feel that I am not contented and adequate. My goal is to start believing of my own capabilities so that I will gain confidence of myself and be happy and contented.


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