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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Crescent City Life

For every residential house here is provided with a space for lawn playground ,backyard gardening and parking space for car .Almost all homeowners have a beautiful lawn and flower garden.They are equip with modern facilities.Every thing is made convenient and accessible.Almost all families have their own service car .That's why we can't find a small retail store here or sari sari store as called in the Philippines.All goes to mall for their family needs.
Within the city there are many parks and playgrounds. Along the streets,parks and playground are planted with tress and beautiful ornamental plants so that the city looks green.Parks and streets are maintained . There is no traffic congestion.Every body is disciplined.Traffic rules and regulations are duly followed.
Crescent city is a place of solidarity,calm,clean and beautiful. We can't find people on standby because every body goes to work.


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