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Monday, 11 March 2013

Our Wonderful Trip to Mt. Gasquet

with love, Gina

       On March 8, 2013 was a significant day for our family. That was Lee's 59'th birthday anniversary. With his new car he took his whole member of his family to Denny's Place a popular dining place here in Crescent City, where he treat us for an special lunch.

        After our lunch we proceeded  for a sight seeing at the beautiful spots in Crescent City. At first we went to the popular place known as Over Look which is adjacent to South Beach in Crescent City. There are many spectators who where already there taking pictures of the unique beauty of the place, such as the crescent shape of the city, the racing huge waves of Pacific Ocean, and the white surf along the seashore as well as the gigantic redwoods above  the site. The kids enjoyed so much and they were busy taking pictures. After taking pictures we proceeded to Red Wood National Park. Our trip was so exciting mingled with fear as we went to the step and narrow winding road, but still we enjoyed seeing the unique and amazing giant red woods, which are only found here in Red Wood National Park, a famous park in the world.
      After we have completely traveled around the park, we proceeded to another place called Gasquet Mountain which is the highest mountain in North Coast California. As we begun to climbed to the foot of the mountain, my wife started to pray because she was scared of the road that we have to passed. It was so step, winding, and narrow road. It took us half an hour to reach to the top of the mountain. This site was the one, that was caught by a big fire few years ago. Formerly these were full of red wood tress, but until now it have not yet recovered. There are portion that there are already trees beginning to grow, but a wide portion are still idle.
      That was the first time that we actually seen a snow. They kids enjoyed so much playing with the snow. At the top of the mountain we can view the vast area of the red wood park which was burned. There were about thousand of acres which were damaged during that tragedy. We have also seen the place which is operated in gold mining. As we look around we saw the different scenery, facing north is the wide plateau called table and the mountain range of snow. Turning back we can see the white surf of the seashore of Crescent toward Smith River, and the never ending blue water of the Pacific Ocean.
         After an hour over the top of Gasquet Mountain we proceeded for home but in another route, until we approached 199 national high way connecting the 101 national high way in the border of Crescent City and Brooking, OR.. From there we then proceeded home in Crescent City.


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