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Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Party In Eureka

         Filipino-American Community held their annual Christmas party in Eureka City , Ca. on December 12 ,2012 Their program started at 5:00 o'clock PM.As usual it was open with an invocation followed by national anthem of the Philippines and U.S.A. Then it was followed by the opening remark of their president .After the opening remark the reception dinner was served. Every participant brought their own foods and share it together in one long table.Different classic of Filipinos favorite food were serve, from sea foods pork beef ,chicken cook of different dishes and many others leaves the table to no more vacant space.Different variety of snack were also served. While dining every participant were chattibg toeach other especially to the new members and new comers. I also enjoyed because there were many from visayas who participated in that affair.That occasion became a sort of a dual purpose party Christmas and Accquaintance party.
         Their program was just simply, it include group singing of a carolling songs of Christmas.Sharing of their individual talent, folk dance,singing for kids , some give aways and a raffle ticket . I was so happy because I was one of the lucky winner to get the 2nd price of a luxury jacket. I'm happy because I have a remembrance on that party.
         While the program was still on going, we leave for home because it was a long trip to travel from Eureka City to Crescent City. That was a happy day for my family.


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