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Friday, 28 December 2012

Chair for Worship

         In our small Christian Community we also a  small church or chapel as we called in our place.This is a self sustaining organization. Our financing is derived from offering and donation from members and other church goers.Anually we have a project for the improvement and  furnishing the needs of our chapel. Last year we have completed the gate and cabinets.
        This year our program of work are the benches and chairs.Timely that I've attended LML convention in our Diocese,I saw the beautiful chairs which they used. I really appreciate its beauty and comportability It's durable and the foam they used is the high density and quality foam.The quality and durability are guaranted because the manufacturer have a long experience in chair for worship business.
        So in our coming meeting, I'll strongly recommend to budget committee for a  worship furniture .I know they will also like it ,because its price is affordable.


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