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Friday, 7 October 2011

Thankful Thursday

It was a very good day yesterday. It started by being able to talk to my mom over the phone. We had a nice talk about anything. I missed her so much but she will be here soon. Then I a marvelous day at work. After work, me and my friend stop by at work force center to look for  Medical Records Technician Jobs because what we had now is just a part time job. In medical field, the salary is much higher. I can't wait to get my Pharmacy technician diploma. It would be great.  I got home at around 3pm, then I talk to my best friend in Tennessee who bought me a Cole Haan purse. She always think about me everytime she found a good deal on purses. She will pay it first then I will send her the money. Then later in the afternoon, my son had a soccer game. And we won. It was an awesome game. Both teams are tough, they didn't get to score on the 1st half. But in the second my son's team keep getting score. We are so happy. I'm so proud of my son and all the kids and their parents who supported.

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