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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Money Spending

As  time goes by, I can already noticed the drastic change of our economy. It sucks because if you spend $300 before, you can already fill your grocer cart. Now, you can't barely fill half of it. Sometimes, I think it's not fair because here we are we are working so hard for our money but can't barely cover our food expenses and you can see lots of people who are in welfare who got their food for free. There are many people who are in welfare but don't deserve to be there because they just scam the government. Basically they work under  the table. I know someone who's in welfare but they have more money than we do. They're driving nice vehicles but they used other people's names such as their relatives so that they can stay in welfare. It's not fair at all. I hope one day, they will pay for the money the stole from the government.

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