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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Car Wash

Now that I'm working part time, I am missing my kids everyday. That's why when it's my day-off, I make sure I make the most out of it. Last Tuesday, I got the day-off,  I took my two girls ( since my son was still sleeping) early morning for a drive because they love it, around town and have them ate breakfast outside. Then we went home when my son was awake. Then after their breakfast, we washed my car. The kids love to help. I think they want to play with the water especially when they get to hold the hose and spray water . They were having so much. My little one was so cute washing the tires. Oh it was such a happy day, spent with my family. After we washed my car, their dad, surprised them with a kids meal from Burger King. We actually just washed the exterior because I will just take care of the interior. I still have to look for logo car floor mats because the ones that I got right now are so old. I'm thinking of something that can resist the mess of my kids which includes spills and etc. Hopefully I could get one today.


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