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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Winner Or Loser, Does It Really Matter?

I read in Arab News today that Gaddaffi's son vows to fight the rebels. This war in Libya has been out of control already.Or even the war in the neighboring countries, in Middle East. It's as if the war has started long time ago, and will never stop for a long time. Only God knows when. As long is there are people who are greedy for power, corruption and abuse of human rights, the battle for freedom will arise no matter what. People fight for our freedom at all costs. I just feel sad because the victims here are the children and the innocent people who evacuate from one place to another for shelter. As you can see in troubled places in Middle East, children got hit by raging bullets. It's awful!
When is the day, when we woke up and there's no more war?Or is it just an impossible dream. Every morning, you heard or read in the news that there's another bomb explosion, kidnapping or mass killing.I really wish that one day this will be over. I'm just happy that I live in a land where there is freedom and do dictator. I feel bad for those people who came from those places like Iraq, when they come here in America, they still feel fear. It's as if the fear that they experience from their country has dominated their whole personality. I met this family whose father is an Iraqi. The dad change his name and wants to change his son's nationality because he feared that if people found out that they are Iraqi, they will be discriminated. It's not right. They shouldn't feel that way. It's this war. Whoever won or lost, it doesn't really matter much because it has caused many lives and ruined the future of many people.

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