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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Stay At Home Dad

Now that I have a part time job which is four hours in one day, it makes my retired husband a stay at home dad. Although he called himself as Mister Mom. At first, I thought he won't be able to last a week being at home following the kids' mess. But I was wrong. When I got home, the house is clean and the kids are neatly dress. He's doing a good job better than I do. That's why I decided to bring them treats when I got home from work. I stop by at my favorite store buying goodies for the children and something for my husband. I like to shop there because I don't have to lift up heavy grocery items at the counter since their using an excellent  barcode scanner. It helped a lot because in other stores you have to lift the sack of rice in the counter or even the heavy cases of soda. Other supermarkets should use  better scanners because it makes the job efficient and fast.

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