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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


If I have to recall carefully I haven't met a rude hostess until recently. There's this person who invited us for a birthday for her mom. Only few were invited as they want to invite close friends. Only two guests who didn't show up. The other one didn't return the call and the other one had a previous engagement already.So when all the guest arrived, the hostess didn't even entertain us like she's suppose to do. We were left in the kitchen, wondering where she's at. She's in the front room on her computer. This is not the first time she did this to us. The first time was, she's already mopping the floor while the guests were still  there. I realized that she's rude and she don't have good manners. Why putting up a party when you can't be hospitable? Quite a few people promised not to go to her party anymore and so did I.

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