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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Poor Laptop

I can't believe my laptop is no longer working now. Even though I anticipated it to happen but it was just unexpected that it happened that day. Like the day some people expected the world to end. Because that Friday morning I was still using it before I do some errands.  I was super busy that I spent most of time driving around, shopping and finishing projects. I just got the chance to turn it back on later that evening. When I turned it on, the windows won't start anymore. The monitor was completely blank. I stayed up all night trying to fix until I finally gave up and decided to buy a new one. I will gonna miss my laptop because I have an emotional attachment with it. But it's my fault, I didn't take care of it. It got soaked in water, stepped on and the keys were missing. And I've been thinking of making a back-up but never did for awhile so I lost some important files. Oh well, this is a lesson learned and definitely something that help me learn from even though in a hard way.

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