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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sharing Is The Best Thing

Finally, I am feeling better now. After those two parties for my husband's retirement, I was exhausted that I feel like I have a severe case of hangover. I was cooking for the whole week. I was shopping for ingredients in different stores and that made my feet tired. Then the marinating and chopping which took a lot of time. But it's all worth it because everybody loved my foods. During the second party, I was surprised because the wife of the president of the Filipino-American Association here in Crescent City, my Ate Rowena gave me a Coach purse. I was so happy because it is also a big purse that my laptop would fit in there. I'm so thrilled and happy. Then before the party ended, some of my friends "tour" in our simple abode. They like my house.And they like my necklace display. It's actually really cute.A friend of mine gave it to me. The get to look at my jewelry and they get to bring some. I love to share. And I'm blessed because my friends love to share too. :-)

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