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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Poor Lindsay

Lindsay was sentenced for violating her probation last Friday. Luckily, she was bailed out after five hours in custody. She's accused of stealing a necklace and caught drunk driving. In my own opinion this poor girl is completely misguided. It's been so long already that she's been in and out of trouble. Maybe it's about time that she needs to stay in malibu rehab. They can offer better programs for here. Have her stay there longer than it should be. She needs help. I can't imagine that cute little girl that I love to watch in Disney Channel was facing felony grand theft. She's a troubled kid. She needs support from her family and friends. Now that she remain free on bond, she still have to do her 480 hours of community service which includes 360 hours at Los Angeles women's center and 120 hours at a LA County morgue. I hope this will teach her a lesson instead of being more rebellious.

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