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Monday, 28 February 2011

We Love Horses

Our family loves horse. Ever since I was born,my grandparents have many horses and even my parents. So basically I grow up riding in a horse. We rode in our when we go to the farm. We love our horses, they are part of our family. I can see how my grandpa treated them with care. When he was still alive he used to bring them in horse shows where he can he can show them off. Personally, horses are my best pets.They are hard working and fun. In the pictures, showed my eldest daughter riding my friend's horse. She was only four there  but she's already showing her passion for horses. So if in the future she wants to be an equestrian, I will support her all the way. I will just have to invest money on buying good quality equestrian helmets for her safety. For me, I'm planning to buy a nice cowgirl boots. My husband has a lot of cowbooy boots and he wants me to buy one for me since I don't have any.

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