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Friday, 18 February 2011

Turning My Blog Into A Book

I have three blog that I maintained for three years now. The first one is this one. It used to be called Pampered then I changed it into Maria's Point Of View. With this blog I have more than 500 posts. This blog tackles about everything that I faced in life, the lessons I learned from fashion to character. My second blog is entitled Happyheart. It's one of my favorite and has higher page rank compared to my two blog. I love its design because it's made by my friend Carlota from Dashing Smiles. Happyheart tackles more on my shopping escapades. It's more on product reviews. I have more than 700 posts there already too. My newer blog is called Purelove. It's more on my motherhood journey where I blogged about kids and how I learned as a mother and how motherhood changed me into a better person. I have more than 500 posts there too. As I go through my older posts, it kinda put a smile in my face.That's why I really love to make my blog into a book. By using Velo Bind book binding machine, I can have a professional finish book. I'm really excited about this. I want to make several copies for my family, my children and my siblings. I think they will love this idea too.

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