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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Latest Trend In Eyeglasses

With the fashion industry, the latest style are vintage style clothing and old style eyewear paired with a nice shoes with a vintage-like details.These kind of glasses has bolder frames. In choosing eyeglasses you have to make sure that it will fit your face shapes. For people who have round, oval and round face, a bolder and bigger eyeglasses fits well on them. Two weeks ago, I accompanied my daughter's godparent to the ophthalmologist because her eyeglasses were tainted by a paint at her job. It has been three years since her last eye appointment that's why there's a huge change with her eyes condition. It doesn't take us long to pick for her frame because we found a nice collection of vintage eyeglassses at very prices. These glasses goes along with any type of clothing.
And for my husband who also needs to see an ophthalmologist soon. I pick this eyeglasses for him. It looks like a modern vintage style. I'm pretty sure he will like this. This has an anti-reflective prescription lenses. This fits my husband just right because he has an oval face.

This glasses can be be bought online. The lenses of this eyeglass is coated with one of the best anti-reflective coatings in the market. Most importantly, it has an anti-scratch coating to protect it from scratches from everyday use. I will buy this online. I love buying online eyeglasses because some companies give a pair for every pair we buy. Many generous companies involve in this kind of outreach program. And for buying from them it makes me feel like I contributed too. This is also the latest trend in sharing.

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