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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Extra Storage

We only have a two car garage. As of now, only my husband's truck can fit in it. My poor car is always park outside. I always teased my husband way it has to be his truck that has the privileged to be park inside the garage. But of course, I won't let him parked it outside either. His truck is like his baby. It's always clean and most of the parts like tires and lights are customized that's why it's eye catching. That's why we need extra storage. I was thinking about those metal buildings that are being built as mini storage, residential buildings or even recreational buildings. One of my friend have this one built at the back of their house. It looks so cool that their sons love to hangout there. That's why they built a many kitchen there. It is also warm and cozy. These metal building are also leak free most especially if you purchased if from a steel building specialist just like the Olympia Steel Building.

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