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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Family First

For me, life is a constant struggle. It could be a struggle with friends, with the weather, with money and with so many things. As a full time mom living a simple life my everyday struggle is making the house a home and keeping it that way. Sometimes I got so tired of picking after my children's mess. But what can I do?They are still toddlers. I stress myself too much when it comes to maintaining the house clean. It's because I want it spotless when their dad arrives from work. I learned it from my mom that husbands always want to come home in a clean house especially after a stressful day at work. Even though I'm super tired I forced myself to clean the house. My husband always tell me to just take it easy.I can only do so much. He said that I just have to wait till he got so he can help me. But it I don't like it like that. I am a stay at home mom. And it's my job to keep the house clean. I think it's my ego. But anyways, these struggles in life that I've been through has taught me how to be strong and responsible. In my life I will put my family first. They are my most important wealth.

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