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Monday, 11 October 2010


I spoke with my family in the Philippines today for more one hour. I'm just happy because they finally received the package that I sent them last August. It took two months before it reached there but it's okay because what matters is they got it. I'm so excited to know their reactions that's why I talk to all of them.It is a very wonderful feeling knowing that the people you love are very happy. They are all so happy because all of them got  their presents. I sent clothes, shoes, canned goods, jewelries, vitamins and food supplement. I sent
men vitamin for my dad whose been working hard in the farm. He really likes the vitamins that I sent him because it gives him extra energy and he didn't get any over fatigued anymore since he started taking vitamins. Taking vitamins is an essential especially to people who mostly work overtime just like my dad and my husband.

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