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Sunday, 17 October 2010

4 Days Off

I just realized that my husband is going back to work today. He was home for four days. He took two days of Annual leave and it was his days off Friday and Saturday.It was such a blessing having home for four days. I got a little bit of R & R. Since Wednesday, he's the one who dropped and picked the kids to and from school. It is exhausting for me driving around all day. But that's life. It's my job as a parent to take care of my children. We just live like about 3 miles away from the school but I wouldn't let the kids walk to and from school. I don't want them riding in the bus either.
I'm so blessed because my husband, makes my life easier when he was home. He even let me rest from cooking. He took care of the meals. He bought Pizza on Wednesday then we have KFC meal on Thursday, Tacos and Burrito for Friday and he barbecue chicken and tri tip yesterday. He also barbecue hotdogs, bratwurst and polish hot dogs. I just bake potato for him.
He's going back today. And back to my old routine.  I'm still thanking God for this wonderful life.

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