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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Beauty and Its Secrets

Some people when you ask them about their age, they are offended. Personally, I don't mind although I refrain from asking other people about their age. Because what if they will ask me to guess it and then I'm wrong. I might say 40 years but actually she's 10 years younger. Two days ago, I was surprised knowing that this woman is only 38 years old, then we thought that she's in her 50s.We are thankful that we didn't say anything.
In my group of friends, most people think that we look younger than our age. I think it's in our lifestyle.We don't smoke nor drink. We are all scared of the sun. Seriously, we don't like hanging out under the heat of the sun. I noticed that some people who goes tanning frequently is showing some signs of aging already. But this can be reverse by using an effective best vitamin c serum. Vitamin C is proven to be effective in achieving younger looking. That's why I am using Vitamin C moisturizer. It's good on my face and prevents it from drying.
In order to maintain a younger looking skin, I always use cleanser, toner and moisturizer everyday. And of course a happy lifestyle added to it.

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