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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Shopping Temptation

I'm glad last night I wasn't able to buy anything but it took me so long to decide. These coupons that were sent through email were the culprit :-). Yesterday I got this free shipping for any order from Victoria Secret. But I saw it like about midnight already. So instead of doing my important stuffs online, I was just browsing around and save them in my shopping cart.When I decided to pay them already,I realized that my wallet is in my son's room. I'm too lazy to get up and get it. Besides I'm scared in the dark. I'm quite proud of myself because I'm not a bad shopaholic anymore. I used to shop against all odds. I'm happy that I know now how to control myself when it comes to shopping splurges for myself.When it comes to my children though, it's a different issue. I always can't resist buying stuffs for them. Last Sunday, I bought 8 blouses and hoodies for the girls,well I got some for me too but I got the best deals. I only pay $80 for all of them. I got a 15% discount from sears plus free shipping. These stuffs are named brand clothing such carters, southpole and Disney princess designs which are still expensive when I saw them on the store two days before I shop online.   I must say I'm doing a pretty good job to handle shopping temptations.

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