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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Me and My Son Have Something In Common

Last night at around 10 o'clock, my son told me that he's hungry, so we both went to the kitchen and ate rice and Teriyaki beef that I cooked for dinner.Me and my son both love to eat. Actually all my kids does. But he's the one basically eat everything. He's not picky. When I'm cooking in the kitchen, he watched me.He likes helping me. He rinsed the dirty dishes for me. He also helps in cleaning the kitchen. While his sisters are playing, he prefers hanging out with me. That's why when we eat, we ate a lot because we both enjoy eating. It's funny because last night we ate late, now at around 6 am, we woke up and both hungry. Even though he ate a lot, he's physically fit.Well, we rarely eat junk foods. I will probably consider taking all natural diet pills to lose some pounds. I've been doing some sit ups lately but it's not consistent but I'll get there soon. It's just hard when you 4 kids. They took most of my time. It's okay, it's all worth it.

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