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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Can't Be Hereditary All The Time

Asthma, Diabetis, Hypertension or any related health problems are mostly genetic. So if your family has issues with cancer, does that mean, you are more likely to get one too? My friend's dad died from a colon cancer then now she's suffering from severe headaches, she 's already thinking that she will most likely die from cancer too. Health issues can be complicated. You can listen from your doctor and you will get serious treatments and medications. When I bump into, I was enlightened that it's really up to us how we want to be healthy. If we eat healthy foods, I don't think we are sickly. On my case, I like salt in my foods. And to think kidney problems run in our family. The food just taste bland without salt. And I noticed that in our family we use a lot of salt too. Health problems is not always hereditary, it's the lifestyle I guess.

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