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Saturday, 14 August 2010


We sleepover at my daughter’s godmother for seven days now because she’s all by herself at their house. Her daughter, son-in-law and their kids went to Los Angeles for a week. She’s scared to be alone. I’m just proud of my husband because he let me and the kids stay in other people’s house for a long time. And he’s so proud of me too. The kids are so happy about it. Does all kids really love sleepover? Well, my kids do. My only problem is that I can’t really sleep well in other people’s house. That’s why I always bring my laptop computer with me. Imagine life without a laptop?I’m sure it will be just fine . but To me, it’s a big thing. Because, I need to update my Facebook often, read and reply emails, pay bills or shop online once in awhile. This wireless gadget helps me do my online tasks anywhere and with its built-in modem, I can always get an Internet wherever there’s a wifi and most places has one already. My laptop is like my bestfriend, I’m quite lost without it :-).

1 comment:

Dina said...

wow ha ha ganun ba....7 days gyod maria? wow! mura pod ka nag bakasyon ba maski naa lang sa duol....maayo nalng kay makatuog pod ang mga bata no.....


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