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Sunday, 19 July 2009

8 Days

Eight days more to go before my due date. Although I have a feeling that I might give birth sooner. I've been having contractions for awhile. I'm not worried because my doctor said my baby is doing great. That's what all matters to me. This pregnancy seems so hard for me because I have munchkins that make me busy most especially that we won in the guardianship of a precious 6 year old girl. I consider her a blessing. So far we have her for almost a month now but things are not hard as I thought it would be. We were able to make her feel at home. And I'm praying that I'm right with my observations. That's why I don't almost have time for blogging but I really tried my best to update my blog.

1 comment:

Maricel said...

Hiya! I was here! :) blog roll visit time! ^_^

Wow, few more days to go!!! Good luck dear. =)

Maricel --- Momhood Moments


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