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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Looking for the Right Location

I'm excited to discover another store here in our place that sells baby and maternity stuffs. Our department stores here stop selling maternity clothes already that's why I don't have other options but to buy online. It's really different when you're able to shop at the store. That's why when I stopped by there last Saturday, I got carried away and bought a lot. I was just happy to see that they have my favorite brands. I also got 25% discount because they have a memorial sale. I love their store because they have a little area for the children to play. But they've been planning to move to a different location because the spot where they are at now is not so visible and the parking area only accommodate 3 to 5 cars. So it's not a good thing for their business. One important factor for a business to grow is the location. When looking for commercial property or an Office Space in your area, it's a great help if you go to or call at 1-866-269-9340 to look for a vacant location quickly and hassle free.

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