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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My Past Collection

What women love? Shoes, purses, diamonds and perfumes. When I was in the Philippines I used to buy perfumes in small amount because I don't have enough money to buy in the big bottles. There are some stores in the mall that sell by liter, starting from 1 ml to how much you can afford. For me 2ml is enough to last for couple of months. Then I got here in the states, I indulge myself in perfumes. I have a collection of my favorite brands, from D&G, Tommy Hillfiger, Calvin Klein, Happy by Clinique, Victoria Secret Scents and many more. But then couple of years later, I decided to just give some them to my family in the Philippines. Especially when I got pregnant I don't like wearing perfumes already. I just kept the ones that my hubby gave me. Right now I only have the Obsession by Calvin Klein and Happy from Clinique.But in the future I will buy the Amor Amor perfume. My friend from France had me tried it and I already super love it. It's very gentle in the nose.

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! gina..How are you today. This is your new friend from your neighborhood in Brookings. I been your avid fun of your blog. Hope to hear from you again.



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