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Monday, 2 March 2009

Divided We're Stronger?????

There's only few Filipinos in this town but it seems like we can't be united as one. What else is new, another shebang is going on right here. But before that, I want to stress out that this is just my own point of view and trying not to represent anybody's opinion.
After many years, the Filipino-American families in this town finally have a set of officers to formally turned it into a non-profit organizationwhich caused an unlikely disagreement among the members.
But isn't it always been like that there's always an opposition whether it's a big or small organization, republic or whatever, there's always two or more parties. Because there are different ideas that just can't be compromised. An opposition is actually necessary especially when it comes to putting someone in his place.
The issue, the election of officers was questioned because it was conducted even though the 50%+1 of the members wasn't there and there were two minors involved plus a husband and wife occupied the two major positions. But then, the newly elected officers disagreed, stating that it's all legal and valid because the members were given a 1 week notice about the election through phone calls. Then some members think 1 week is not enough, there should be at least 1 month notice and a formal letter to all the members, and apparently not all of the members as they claimed weren't clearly informed about the purpose of the meeting. But the lady who made the calls said that he informed almost of them about the election of officers. How do I know?I acted as a secretary during the second meeting because Marie, the elected secretary declined.They appointed me as a secretary, I declined too. Then I suggested to open the floor for the nomination for secretary but it wouldn't be possible because the nominees weren't in the meeting, then I suggested the secret ballot, but the chairman opposed because there's no more time. So his wife who was the treasurer who just stepped down because it was questioned by the members due to the conflict of interest, is acting as a secretary for now.
Some of the members are not in favor of this, as they wished for reelection and some of the members think it's valid and legal. In fairness, the officers are open for everybody's questions. Some of my closest friends are involved, on each sides. When I declined as a secretary, they thought I just don't want to hurt my friend Marie's feelings. Well, the officers are my friends too. Marie is more like a sister to me ( my unbiological sister :-) ).We don't really called ourselves as friends. She don't like it when I'm not loyal to her. I opposed her many times and I wasn't most of the times was concerned about what she would feel. She knows that if I have to I would give it all up, friendship and everything if I know I'm right. And she knews that if I'm pretty sure that I'm right and got tired of explaining my side, I would rather shut my door and be at my own pace.I always have my family as my comfort zone.
With all this fiasco that's going, I'm irritated with the idea that it might caused a division. I wish somewhere somehow it will be fixed. But I noticed that both sides are optimistic to stand up for what they believe is right...both sides are getting stronger.. I guess United we stand, divided we're stronger..make sense I don't know.
I'm proud of these people who stand for what they believe in. As for me, I want to be out of here, to escape in a peaceful place . My husband is as outspoken like the others for standing up for what he believes in, but I was able to control him though my "out of this world dramas" so he's slowing down.

Someone said, "It's either you stand for what you believe is right even though you might end up being alone, or be a friend of everbody, play safe and look like a joke"

I just want to live a harmonious life alone with my family, with my's just that when I looked at myself's reflection in the mirror ...I looked like a joke"


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