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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Baby's First PhotoBook

Finally I got my baby's first photobook. It's really nice. I got it for free because I collect points from the which enable me to make a photobook in Snapfish for free. I just paid shipping which is only $7.99 .
I already made three photobooks for my kids all for free. If you're using pampers diapers for your babies, you can also participate in their rewards program to be able to get free fantastic products. Being resourceful is really fun.


Anonymous said...

hi! got a handsome baby boy!. got your message yesterday. thnx for replying with me. hope we can talk more. regards to ur family.

Dina said...

cute! pang artista gyod maria ba...hayyyy ako pod soon God willing

sugardoll said...

hala dai oi daghan naman kaayo ko og pampers rewards nakalimot man lang pod ko about ato, wala ba kaha to gikaon sa pampers na lang unsa pa man tong anyoha last ko nag load. Karon kay mga cheap ass man mi we use store brand, ilabay ra bitaw nang hapina sa lobot. LOL Haven't been able to check my rewards lately, tan awon nya nako basin makafree ko plane tickets to pinas lol.

Congrats on your free haul! Cute au dodong kadong.


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