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Friday, 9 January 2009

Long Distance

These past few days I've been calling long distance more often than I usually do. It's almost everyday. That's why I already prepare myself not to be terrified with the upcoming phone bill. Surely, it's higher than the previous bills. That's the problem when your family is far away. My parents and siblings is in the Philippines. It cost me 15 cents per minute every time I call them. But we sent text messages everyday. But it's different when you are really able to hear their voices. As soon as I became a US citizen, I will definitely get them over here so we will all be united.

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Anonymous said...

hi!! Gina... How ar you today. I received your message to me and i'm so glad to hear from you. We're not that to far from each other. Hey, i have a suggestion for you, why don't you use a magicjack for a long distance. it's not so much cost to call specially to our country as long as you both use a magicjack. You can purcharse it here in the USA then send one to your family and just connect it to your internet with a computer. I think to purchase cost you $39.95 without monthly bills. All you pay is the $19.95 per year. thats all. you can check it out in the internet for more information at


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