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Friday, 19 December 2008

Outdoor Activites During Winter

Someone told me that my 3 year daughter is a little bit big for her age. That's why she need to engage in activities for toddlers like dancing. I was already planning to enroll her in a dance class this coming Spring season. But although it's Winter there are still a lot of outdoor activities that she can go to. For example walking in the woods. A lady once told me that walking in the woods during winter is fun. I was surprised.For me, it seems sound scary. Then I realized many people do that here. It maybe safe then. We just have to wear thick Winter clothes and reliable tools like Surefire Flashlights .Good timing because beginning today, my husband will be off from work for 17 days. I am so excited. At least now, me and the kids have company during the day because during Winter, the days seems very gloomy especially when it rains. Another outdoor activity is walking by the beach and watch the waves. It's fun and very relaxing most especially if you're together with your family.I just wish that Winter season will pass by quickly this year because last year it was a long Winter.

1 comment:

sugardoll said...

Hala oi, naa bya na'u kuto sa woods mommy, pag bantay jud mo hehehe. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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