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Monday, 8 December 2008

The Mexicutioner

I was surprised when I heard the narrator described Manny Pacquiao as the Mexicutioner. I hope the Latinos won't get offended with this. Well, it's evident that Manny has defeated Mexican boxers over and over again.
It was fun watching the fight. This time it's only four of us who watched. My son's godparents and me and my husband. Some of the Filipinos here in our place has a Tong-its tournament over at my friend Jenny's house. They don't feel like watching because they were thinking that Manny will lose this fight. Even me, I was scared that he might really lose but my husband has a big confidence with Manny.
At the start of the fight,de la Hoya, in my opinion seems arrogant for me.But at the end I was impressed when he called Manny as his idol now.
Manny might be a very good fighter but I know that he won because of his faith to himself and his faith to God. During the fight, he's obviously surrendering it all to God. I'm proud of him not just as a fighter but as a strong believer of God. More power to you Mr. Manny Pacquiao.
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Emily Retherford said...

I hear this was a good fight, however i missed it :( I'm glad for the new winner although I always have liked De la hoya

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