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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Richard S. Fuld, Jr.

This is Richard Fuld, chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers Holdings.
I was intrigued with this man when I watched the hearing on the causes and effects of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy at House Oversight and Government Reform Committee which broadcasterd live yesterday (Oct. 6, 2008 ) in Washington. I can say that he's a powerful, rich and intelligent man. With all the information that I've read about him including his educational background, career, family, I can say that he's a notable and influential individual. And I'm impressed watching him yesterday, able to composed himself well even if he was grilled already by the congressmen. If I'm not mistaken some of them were really trying to provoke them and one even called him as a villain. Well, I'm just an ordinary person so I couldn't relate to what the rich people felt who lost big time because of the Lehman's bankruptcy. I don't even want to take it seriously if he's one of the reason's why our investments are going down each day. My opinion is based only on that time when I saw him on CNN and I just think he's hot :-). lol. But seriously I hope he will be able get what he really deserved. I wish he will just share his millions to other people.It's not really fair when Lehman's investors got huge losses but seems like he's not losing at all.
If curious about him,check this out
* Photos courtesy of Yahoo Photos.

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