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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

It's Your Time To Shine

Are you aspiring to be a star? You probably do? Who doesn't? I know aspiring to be movie star, singer or even a newscaster seems very hard hard to reach. But who knows, one break is just what you need to be discovered. I knew many superstars who were just discovered from a local singing competition, or by just extras in a TV show and now they're famous. Yeah if you want to be a movie extra in films and shows call the Talent6 at 1-800-493-9047. Extras are the people you see in the background of a TV scene to make the scenes more realistic. I remember one time when a movie was shoot in our town, people were just ask to act like passersby and they were paid. Pretty easy. Here in the states extras are paid from $100 to $300 per day. I think this is great. If I have to be an extra, I wish I'm one of Benjamin Bratt's co worker in the Law and Order or being one of the witnesses in Prison Break, that would be great because the actors there are so sexy :-). Though they're not as sexy as my husband :-). But being an extra on those shows is like a once in a lifetime experience. Anyways, I really think that Talent6 is a stepping stone for anybody who aspired to shine like a star.

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