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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

3 Shots for Today

Well, the immunization went fine. Although my husband got more nervous than me. I had to hold Eric when the nurse had to inject the vaccines in my son's chubby thighs and arm.3 shots all , 3 needles. Then next immunization will be January of next year. I'll be glad when all these vaccinations is over.Although they're good for him but it's just hard to see Eric crying in pain. The Nurse felt bad, thought Eric would be mad at her but she was happy when Eric waved bybye at her when we went home.

1 comment:

Babette said...

It's heartbreaking for parents during these immunization visits. Even my daughter who's 9 still does not like it although my 4 yr old son didn't even flinch the last time.


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