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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Cheers to Healthy Snacks

My daughter will be three years old this coming September. She can speak clearly now and can express what she wants and what she dislikes. She choose the dress she wants to wear and the shoes to match. I think it's fantastic but we set boundaries on how far she can get what she wanted most especially when it comes to food. I make it sure that she has proper nutrition. That's why I'm concern when she's going to school already, where the junk foods are accessible because of the vending machines everywhere. Some schools actually sells unhealthy snacks. But I'm happy to know about the YoNaturals - Healthy Student Vending program. This is a very good alternative in replacing those traditional junk foods. I wish all school will participate in this program for the parents' peace of mind and for the children's good health.

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