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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Never Get Lost AGain

Travelling is fun and even more challenging especially if you're going to explore a place we never been before. Couple of years ago, before I had my babies, me and my hubby went to different places which are new to us. We are using maps and printed directions to get to our destinations. It was hard because we're lost a lot of times and thus ruined our moods.
But today with the help of GPS technology, life is much better especially for travellers.
Like what happened to my son's godparents. We invited them to my son's christening. They're from Stockton, about 8 hours drive from our place. They were never been here in our place before but they were able to arrive here safely because of the help of their GPS. Investing money in buying GPS tracking devices is all worth it. It will save you travel time and free you from headaches in trying to figure out the "traditional" printed directions and maps.
As technology is continually advancing different forms of technology devices were invented. Just like the GTX Corp. They've been developing miniaturized GPS tracking and cellular location-transmitting technologies into a wide variety of consumer products and business-to-business applications. Their patented and integrated products are beneficial for tracking people, vehicles. goods, children etc. They have developed a way to turn shoes into real-time tracking devices, capable of transmitting location data that can be viewed as Google map or any Web-connected device. This product might cost a lot more but I'm sure people who need this will save a lot of money compared from going through the hassles from not having this. I'm referring to some people like a loved one who needs special care but keep on escaping from us without asking our permission and then he/she got lost. That's a big hassle right there.

I hope GTX Corp. will not stop in sneakers alone. Who knows they will have a tracking device that be embedded in our personal belongings too just like our purses or clothes. It's always nice to hear that companies are making products for the greater good.

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Dan da Man said...

I like getting lost it is part of travel


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