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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Pimp Your MySpace Homepage

MySpace is a known social networking that has millions of members already. I've been a member of it for quite a long time and so far I gain a lot of friends. Through MySpace I will be updated with what's the latest news of my friends' life.
I'm going to customize my MySpace account through Peerspin is a company that tries to make MySpace better by offering the easiest way to pimp our page with some cool graphics. They have over 50 homepage themes available so I think that will make our page unique. At, no more cutting and pasting all the time because everything is just very easy. You can customize your mail messages with graphics and your text in your personal signature with no copy and paste. One more thing we can create MySpace music playlists
They also have more than fifty games and applications you can use to replace those annoying video ads.
Peerspin's mission is to make MySpace life easier and better in new and interesting ways. It's very exciting because through them we can put some bling on our site without looking so trashy. With their huge available themes you can beautify your page the way you want it.So let's pimp our MySpace homepage now through

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