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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I Love Rap Music

All my life, music is very important to me. It helps me relax amidst the stress I've been through s. I love music that has a message just like rap. I like rap because it's lively and every song has a message and story. Every time you hear the music of the hip hop artists, the feelings their trying to explain through their music will go right through your soul. You will feel the emotions in the songs.
There are a lot of famous hip hop artist all over the world. You can find them at This site brings you the most up to date hip hop news, music and anything about hip hop.If you are a hip hop fanatic like me, visit this site and you can join the rap community. Registration is free.Enjoy!

1 comment:

dexter said...

rap music is the best man !
also the rappers are always the people to come up with new trends.
check out this backstage channel from 50cent.
he posts live stuff from his mobile phone while he is on tour:



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