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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Be Oyster Aware

Last month, my friend called me if I want to buy oysters that cost $25 for 5 dozens, sounds like a good deal but I passed on it. I used to buy oysters in dozens and just freeze them, but since my husband doesn't like freezing sea foods anymore so I just buy in small amount. Anyways, one time I joke about oysters.And I couldn't believe how my friends take it seriously. Well, they just asked us about our secret for having children almost every year. I told them that I just let my husband eat a lot of oysters and that's how it started :-). One couple actually did it but until now, they're still childless. That was just a joke. That's why we really need to be well informed about oysters. Gulf oysters are really good, either eaten raw, steamed or baked but still we need to be aware about the risks of eating it.
If you're interested as I am, visit the website, This website provides valuable information about oysters. They provide ideas about the risk of eating raw oysters, who are at risk, and a lot of educational infos.
One thing I learned from this site is about the bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus. It is a bacteria that could be present in oysters that are not fully cooked. But don't be alarmed, when you get to read the whole facts in, you will fully understand it.
And one more thing, if you are an oyster lover like me, you will love this site even more because they also provide oysters recipes such as Grilled Oysters, Oysters Alfredo, Oysters Cakes and a lot more.
No matter how you eat oysters, just be oyster aware! Visit

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