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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

CarsBlvd Car Quotes

Stephanie's Ninang( Godmother) is planning to visit her today but she's frustrated because her car doesn't start again. It happened a couple of times already. She's driving a Dodge Caravan and called it "ladyvan" and called their Honda Pilot as Jeto. I bet ladyvan has a battery problem. Jenny ( Stephanie's Ninang) is now planning to sell ladyvan and buy another car, maybe a Ford Mustang which has been her dream car already since before. Since Her husband can't buy it right now because of his very demanding job, she can check online for Car Prices so that as soon as her husband got a free time, they can go ahead and get it. Whether she wants Hummer or a hybrid car, she can get a quote at and get the best deal. I'm planning to do it too, get a quote for my dream car and if Hubby can afford it, then it's gonna be my lucky

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