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Friday, 8 February 2008

Best Credit Card

One of the changes that I experienced here in the states is owning a credit card. When I was in the Phillipines all I got is just a debit card. Here in the states it is important to have your own credit card as it will help you build up your credit score. My first credit card was an extension to my husband's major credit card then I apply for another one that offers a free monthly update of my credit score. That was last year 2005 and my score was 679 and now I'm glad that it's improving. As my credit score is improving the more credit offers I got in the mail. It's hard sometimes to choose the best credit cards. But I think we should choose a card that will met our needs and personality.
If you're a frequent traveler, you can apply for a credit that offer reward miles or maybe you want a card that offers a cash back from all your purchases. There's a lot of options. What I owned right now is a card that put a saving into my daughter's college fund. That's one to 3 percent from all my purchases. I think it's prety cool.
Whether you want a card with no annual fee, low interest, fixed rate and etcetera check it out at to find out the best credit cards you want.

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